Why Make Changes on Self-Help Growth Improvement?

To make some changes on Self-Help Growth Improvement was a difficult decision. You can read about that in this article. There is a lot of stuff to cover, so let’s dive in…

“For the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself:
‘If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?’
And whenever the answer has been ‘No’ for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something
– Steve Jobs

Why make changes on Self-Help Growth Improvement?

1. Big idea, no plan to follow, and the changes on Self-Help Growth Improvement

You see, just like so many entrepreneurs starting out online, I had an idea in mind but no plan to follow. I wanted to create a website different from everything else in the highly competitive personal development niche. By that time I did not have much experience in creating SEO-optimized websites nor I knew a lot about blogging, backlinking, traffic strategies and social media. Looking back, what I did then was more or less done intuitively. Now it’s time for some changes on Self-Help Growth Improvement.

When I started  my website early 2012, guess what happened? Google came up with Pandas and Penguins. And my website? Well, my website was jumping back and forth between page 1, 3 and 25… Long story short, it was a long learning curve and after about 3 – 4 months full of  challenges, BigG was convinced that this site was something special.

Looking back, I learned a lot from all the struggles with Google. And if you’re asking yourself how does all that relate to self-help and personal development, just read on…

2. No plan – and no time to map everything out either

I was always short of time. Just like anyone else, I had only 24 hours to get everything done: take care of my parents and my family, take care of my coaching clients, mentor those who needed help with technical issues or do the work for them, join webinars to stay informed,
and so much more. Not much time left for thinking about plans, brainstorming and mindmapping.

But what was even worse, I noticed that there was…

3. No time left for myself  and my other interests, for the things I love

Doing all that stuff on a daily basis was more than a fulltime job. I always had to set priorities. Why? To get all things done – somehow. I felt stressed, overwhelmed and started doubting if I ever can attain my own goals. On the long run, I knew that I couldn’t accomplish all the tasks which were on my plate day in day out.

4. Why did I start with the changes on Self-Help Growth Improvement?

Do you know what was the hardest part? To admit and to accept that whatever I did or planned, I could not accomplish all the tasks on my daily to-do list and to realize that I must stop seeing myself as a failure therefore. So I made a hard cut before I reached the point of no return. I started by taking the time for my Nordic Walking tours in the morning and meeting with friends. Just small steps, but that little shift made me feel good, empowered and motivated me and I enjoyed working again.

This was a part of my own personal development story. And because this site is all about self-help and personal development, I wanted to share that with you here, just in case you face some similar difficulties. What I’ve learned from my struggles is this:

5. I will take the time I need for myself and suggest you do the same!

… to stay healthy and ahead of the game. And I suggest you do the same. Let me ask you this: if we don’t take care of ourselves who else will?! You see, I planned some simple changes on Self-Help Growth Improvement to free up time for even more important things in my life. And you can do the same.

I’ve often heard people talking about a better time management. I surely agree that we have to do the best we can with our time – but I don’t like the term itself.

6. Time management as the solution?

Simply put, most time management systems are asking to assign a certain amount of time for your specified tasks and get them done within this time, whatever else may happen. The point is, that most people cannot stick to these systems and therefore, they don’t get the expected results. We are simply humans, not robots.

Time management aka sucks because it makes you believe that you can have more time by organizing and optimizing work processes. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. You cannot have “more” time: 24 hours are 24 hours, that’s it, that’s all.

7. Personal feelings, the underenstimated business influencers

Each one of us has personal feelings that we cannot ignore or leave behind when we open the door to our office and “allow” them to be there again when we finished working. They influence our business life and vice versa, our business problems also influence how we feel. When we feel really bad we are just not able to concentrate and focus on business issues the way we should. On the other hand, if we struggle with some business issues, we feel frustrated, uncertain and often doubt in ourselves and in what we do. Truth is, that the more we try to keep our personal feelings out of the “business area” the more they hold us back from focusing on what we try to get accomplished.

Changes on Self-Help Growth Improvement

There is a much better way to get back on track:

  • LISTEN to your  feelings.
  • TRUST your feelings.
  • Don’t be afraid of  FOLLOWING your  feelings.
  • Stop holding back yourself  from doing things you love –
    and think you’ll get back to them as soon as you have more time.
  • You will never have “more” time.
    We all have only 24 hours a day and the best time management
    cannot make 48 hours out of them.
  • Start by making a shift in your life – do it before it’s too late.
    Even if it’s only a small step toward “owning your time” again.
    Think about what you could change in your business,
    what you could change in your life – and then put yourself to work.


By the way, you will not see too many changes on Self-Help Growth Improvement right away.
It will be a smooth change which will happen mostly behind the courtain. Now that you read my little story, I’d love to hear about your experiences. What are your challenges, what changes do you plan? And if you liked this article, please share it with your friends – thank you.


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