Take Care of Yourself

It’s a bit unusual to start a Thursday morning with that but, please take care of yourself.
Why am I telling you this right now? Read…

It’s another Thursday morning, still warm and sunny as it used to be here in October.
I did not feel like writing another article today. But then I heard somebody telling take care
of yourself
  to someone on the street and that made me think. And here I am, writing again…

Taking care

Have you ever thought about how many different things taking care can mean? Treating right
a person close to us and people in general, giving them what they need or aim for, friendship
or love, sharing  joy or sadness, good or bad, it means compassion, support and help, or just being there if they really need us… and so much more.

We used to say take care of yourself

… when we leave or when those we like or love leave us, wishing them all the best and hoping that nothing bad happens to them. But do we always mean what we say or do we just use take care of yourself  like a simple bye or see you?

We’ve got so much used to this expression.  And way too often we use it “en passant”, without even wasting a second thought about the true meanings. And if we start thinking about that it makes us feel quite a bit uncomfortable, right?

Ok, but I’m not writing that to make anyone here feel uncomfortable. Just to remind of the meaning behind those words.

How often do you say take care?

Quite often, I guess. At least, if you’re a caring person. And that’s awesome. To care for others and the ability to take care of people is true greatness and a gift as long as you don’t forget about yourself and your own needs.

Some people get so busy in taking care of others that they think everything will collapse if they don’t do the “job” 24/7 and they end up frustrated and exhausted. Never go so far, never let this happen to you. You must take care of yourself first to stay healthy, to keep the power,
the energy and motivation you need to do what you love.

Do you take care of yourself?

And if so, what do you do? Do you like exercising, doing some workout or do you prefer to relax in a spa, listen to music or read a good book? Personally, I love to do nordic walking in the early morning hours. It helps me clear my thoughts, to free  myself from stress and frustration.
I love reading and music as well, but to get rid of overwhelm and find the power I need for my work, nordic walking is just the perfect fit.

So what ever you decide to do for yourself… DO IT. Do what makes you feel good, do what makes you happy, take care of yourself. And one more last thought for today…


Take Care of Yourself by Self Help Growth Improvement



Take care of your health

Another form to take care



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