Stepping Inside of Our Comfort Zone

“Stepping inside of our comfort zone” is the first article after a longer period of silence and reflection. It’s an article about why we need to retire inside our Self, why we need to  find our inside comfort zone when we feel overwhelmed, overworked and not able to give attention, care and love to those around us. But it’s also about how to overcome the situation and get back on track by stepping outside of our comfort zone. 

Why an article about comfort zones?

Stepping inside your comfort zoneWith all the skills and knowledge about “how it all works”, with all the work I’ve done to help others, there was a moment when I felt like it was time to step back and just watch what was happening around me.
I needed a time out.

So I decided to follow that feeling and just stay inside my comfort zone, not to worry about work or about what was going on around me. Just stay there and watch.

And you know what?
It was the right decision at the right time.

Why we need a comfort zone?

We all have our fears and worries, our uncertainties and challenges, be it in life, be it in business. Facing them day in, day out costs much energy and commitment. As long as we are in our usual daily routine, we don’t even notice that. Our needs and habits define the days, our work and the care for our loved ones.

Even that can become aka “comfort zone”: one that keeps us “busy”, always working, one where we know what we need to do or what others expect us to do, one where we follow a well-known path. All that can make us feel safe and even protected in “our” environment.

However, from time to time each one of us needs another type of comfort zone. The one where we can retire from all our duties, from all our musts and have tos, to find  a way to recover from them. That’s what I used to call “the inside comfort zone”, the one that helps us find ways to heal our body and soul.

What’s the problem with comfort zones?

Spending too much time inside our comfort zone can:

  • hold us back from taking action
  • slow down the process of making changes
  • block the process of developing and growing personally

Why we love our comfort zone?

  • it makes us feel safe and secure
  • it gives us confidence and strength
  • we usually don’t like to take risks
  • we fear the unknown that comes with changes

How to get back on track by stepping outside of our comfort zone

Many coaches will tell you that you must step outside of your comfort zone to become successful, to attain your goals or to get what you really want in your life. Mostly, that’s true. You will need to make changes in your business and in your life. And you will need to quit
the old path, find a new way.


However, what you need to understand first is this: stepping outside of your comfort zone brings new fears from the unknown, new challenges, new risks and difficulties, and you should be prepared to meet them. Staying inside of your comfort zone as long as you decide to step outside can help a lot to get more clarity and will give you the time you need to become strong and confident enough to go new ways.



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3 Responses to Stepping Inside of Our Comfort Zone

  1. Pau
    Twitter: gvstarlight

    Great post. I never really thought about it this way, and I wonder if this is the reason I have been running out of steam lately. I am making some new changes, taking scary steps, starting a new business and going way out of my comfort zone. At the beginning it felt good, now I feel drained, and perhaps all I need is to take a step back into my comfort zone to recharge. Thank you 🙂

    • Margie says:

      Thank you, Pau. A new business comes with a lot of work, changes and new challenges. They force us to step out of our comfort zone, search for and find new ways to reach our goals. They can make us feel great, they can empower and motivate us to move forward. But from time to time, they can make us feel exhausted, overwhelmed or drained as well. Then we need to take that step back into our comfort zone, yes, we need to recharge. 🙂

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