Social Media Addiction

Social media addiction is considered to be one of the biggest challenges in the near future. All of us spend a lot of time on social media platforms, searching for new posts, liking pages, commenting, tweeting, and networking. Therefore, let’s take a look at what makes us addicted to social media, what can lead to an addictive behavior.


How to stop social media addiction

Social media addiction

Is that you? Do you feel like addicted to social media? If so, it’s time for you to stop what you’re doing and free up time for more important things in your life. Don’t make yourself a slave of friends, tweets, likes and shares. Most likely, it’s not worth the time and work you put in.

How to stop social media addiction

I hear you say: wait, how can you make a claim like that?! Everyone is on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, and the list goes on! And many experts say that Big G rewards you for social media activities with better rankings! Is that social media addiction?!

Well, true and false.

Just think about how often the social media giants change their algorithms, their policies, technical things like appearance, image sizes, etc. And don’t forget about the time you spend on updating your pages and posts or the money you spend to get all that done for you.
Don’t you think that you could do it better without social media platforms?

Truth is, it depends on what you’re really using them for.

However, if you spend much time on social media be careful not to become dependent on them. Suffering from social media addiction is not fun.

Moving away from social media addiction

Believe it, I’d been in your shoes. I spent too much time in virtual communities and on learning all the new stuff after the latest updates of the big social media platforms.

When I noticed that I do things to please my audience instead of focusing on what helps my business, I decided to stop all my activities on social media. No, I did not delete my accounts but I stopped posting. For some months, I’ve stopped writing articles on my blogs as well. I needed a pause to focus on other areas of my business and life. Can you relate? As a result, here are my…

5 easy tips to stop social media addiction

Here is how to overcome the post-like-share-friend impulse  and move away from social media addiction:

1. Take photos for yourself
If you catch yourself taking photos just for the sake of sharing them, it’s time to stop using social media platforms or at least, some of them. Use only the ones that help you maintain your relationships or help you with your business.

2. Take back your productivity
Dropping social media definitely helps to gain back your productivity in other areas of your business,  of your life. Focus on what really brings you forward and if you have some time left, and only then, work on your social media accounts. Next…

3. Take back your time
The main issue with social media platforms is that they are extremely time consuming. There are much better things to spend time on, wouldn’t you agree? Go ahead and spend the time with your family and friends or work on areas of your business that guarantee you longterm success. Also…

4. Get rid of distraction and concentrate on what is important
Social media are the #1 source for distraction. Day in day out, they hold you back from concentrating on more relevant parts of your life or business. Don’t listen to the buzz around social media engagement and you’ll get more things done. Eventually, that’s what counts.

5. Stop the social media addiction
You don’t necessarily need to follow, friend and like everyone following you on social media. Because of all the scam you’re exposed on the Internet, choose carefully to whom you open your pages.

Maybe you cannot imagine but yes, you can have a life without crushing it on social media. And to see what I mean, please watch the short video with the title The Anti-Social Network:


Did you like the movie? Does your life looks similar to what you’ve seen and would you agree to the message they send out? Speak your mind below.

In one of the next articles you’ll learn when it makes sense to use social media platforms to your benefit.


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3 Responses to Social Media Addiction

  1. Phil Wendell says:

    Social Media has been a part of our life. It allows people to create, share and communicate in virtual networks. It is also a big help for the companies to establish social media for it serves as a way of communicating with their companies.

  2. Jack Dixon
    Twitter: connectionsrehab

    Social media can definitely become an addiction that really hurts your productivity. I’ve found that putting my phone on airplane mode between 9-11 really helps me to eliminate distractions and get more done. I also updated my phone’s notifications so it doesn’t go off every 10 minutes:)

  3. Haim
    Twitter: uplinemoving

    A big part of people’s social media addiction is fear of missing out on what’s going on.
    Haim recently posted…Long Distance Moving on a Tight BudgetMy Profile

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