Chances to self-improvement


When it comes to improvement for your Self many experts speak about self-improvement or self-help and mean the knowledge to enhance your personal values and the actions you take to develop your mental, physical and emotional capabilities. Let’s go here with our own definition:


means the actions you take, besides defining and developing your physical, mental and emotional capabilities and your personal values, with or without professional help to improve your Self.

What do you need to get started to improve your Self?

To make some changes and move in the right direction?
Here are the 3 most important steps:

#1 Define your personal values, your abilities and capabilities
to see where you are right now and what you feel it needs to be improved;

#2 Develop your capabilities in alignment with your personal values;

#3 Take precise action always staying focused on your core values.


What can help you if you want to start to improve your Self?

I’ve found a Brian Tracy video about the most important 3 books that had a huge impact on his life, books that can be the first approach to self-improvement for you as well:



So let’s recap: to start changing your Self, you should start by thinking different. In fact, the process of self-improvement does not work without changing the way you think about certain things, how you approach them, how you do them and, more importantly, how you think about yourself.

Do you think you are able to get what you desire?
Do you think you can get what you deserve?
Or, do you belong to those peopleĀ  who do not really believe in themselves, who are continually doubting and questioning their abilities and capabilities?

Self-improvement always starts with thinking different, first of all about your Self, about your capabilities and the action you are willing to take to achieve your goals.


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  1. Jenni
    Twitter: gummibearlife1

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts! (And the video.. Love that quote by Jack Kerouac!) You’re absolutely right, self improvement really starts with how you think about yourself. Not how you think about others or things surrounding you. Sometimes we tend to forget that though..

  2. John

    Thank you for sharing this post. I love the video. It is great and very inspiring.
    I absolutely agree with you that improving yourself should start with believing in your abilities and thinking differently.

  3. Susan Mary Malone
    Twitter: SusanMaryMalone

    This is so beautifully true! Trying to change outer circumstances without changing our inner worlds leads to heartbreak and folly. And it all starts with how we think.
    Thank You for this!

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