Personal growth

What is Personal Growth?

Personal Growth

is the conscious and unconscious process of defining and developing your inner values, your inner Self with regards to mind, spirit, emotions, body, creativity, relationships, etc.

Why is it a conscious process? When you decide and work on growing and developing your Self as the person who you are, it is a conscious process.

Why is it an unconscious process? Just like any other species or organism, you evolve and develop your Self  simply by living.
And that is an unconscious process.

Carl Rogers:
“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself  just as I am, then I can change.”

So, what do you think, how accepting yourself as the person who you are now can help you change yourself? Personally, I think that’s truly the basis of personal growth, the basis of growing as a person.

Knowing who you are means you are conscious about your core values. And, when you’re conscious about your inner values you know about your strengths and weaknesses. Like most people, probably you’ll like your strengths and dislike your weaknesses.
So it seems obvious that you should get rid of those weaknesses, right? But, think again.

What if you transformed at least some of your “weaknesses” into strenghts? What if you developed your “weaknesses” in a manner that you could use them to your advantage instead of fighting them? Shortly, that’s what Personal Growth is about: defining and developing your inner values.

The next step would be to take action on what you discovered and is called Personal Development and that’s all about studying and practicing how to change or improve your life with regards to your personal goals.


Whatever path you choose to make a shift in your life, you need to get rid of your doubts and get a positive attitude to make that change happen. Watch Brendon Burchard’s video about the 3 Enemies to Our Personal Growth where he shares what it takes to overcome those “enemies” to become a mature, conscious being:


Now that you learned about the 3 enemies that you should to overcome, think about the path you need to choose for your own personal growth. How do you feel about leaving the hurdles behind and moving ahead by gathering some more knowledge about personal development and personal growth? I’d love to hear your thoughts on that.


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  1. Susan Mary Malone
    Twitter: SusanMaryMalone

    Personal growth just tweaks me! I love this post. It\\\’s so insightful as to the differences in conscious vs unconscious process. When we focus on our strengths, and work at improving our weaknesses, we can\\\’t help but grow!

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