Obstacles to Success

“What are the biggest obstacles to success you have to face right now?” That’s what I asked a client of mine today. And here is the answer:

“The biggest obstacle to success for me is not having a system for my business.
I’m good at what I do, but don’t do it consistently because of distractions.”

And, because I know that many of you have the same problem, let’s talk about it.

What are obstacles to success?

Everything that holds you back from achieving what you want is an obstacle to your success. Starting with your own feelings, like uncertainty, doubt, insecurity, fear of success, fear of failure, lack of self-confidence, overwhelm, stress and many more, to not having the technical skills to set up a website or a blog, to do on-page and off-page SEO, etc. etc. and ending with having no system in place that gives you a frame you can act within, a strategy you can follow along. And, we shouldn’t forget the shiny objects out there and the distractions that come your way each day, which can be obstacles to your success as well. So try to avoid at least some of them!

Identify your personal obstacles to success

Ok, that’s nothing new – but there is no reason to reinvent the wheel, so here is the simple way to do that: paper and pencil. Write them down!  It’s important to go through this process of visualization because it helps you see clearly the value and the importance you give them (perceived value and importance) and how they really hold you back (real value and importance). Same applies to your business: identify the obstacles to success which hold you back from having success in business and write them down to see the difference!

Of course, you can use a mindmapping system or WorkFlowy as well, if you are more
“a techie”. And, if you’ve never heard about WorkFlowy, find out more here.
Don’t be afraid of anything, that’s not one of the obstacles to success! 🙂


Obstacles to Success by Self-Help Growth Improvement

Get rid of your obstacles to success!

Is not having a system in place
one of the obstacles to success in your business?

First of all, you’re not alone. Most people who start a new business online are not really aware of the importance of having a system to follow along, which gives you a certain security when you struggle with identifying what to do next.  You need a plan, a strategy that works for you and that gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing what you do, how you do it and when. So yes, not having a system in place is one of the obstacles to success in your business.

For sure, you’ll say now “tell me how to find out whether a system will work for me or not”. So…

How to find out whether a system will work for you or
if it’s just one of the distracting obstacles to success?

Although I hate to say things like that, there is no system in place that can give you 100% guarantee that it will work for you. I know, each day you receive those emails about “the one and only strategy”, the only software you need, the best coaching course meaning training, etc. that makes everything work.  I get them as well, where else would I know from what happens on the market?! And believe me, these emails are real obstacles to success if you get distracted by them and if they hold you back from accomplishing your daily tasks.

Truth is, the system you’re looking for will highly depend on the type of your business, on the time frame you set to achieve your goals, on the money you can invest in your business to get it up and running like a real business, on the skills and knowledge you have, on your will and determination to learn and succeed, it can even depend on the support you get from your family and friends, and so much more.

Honestly, nobody can tell you exactly in advance whether the one or the other strategy or system will work for your business or not. You must have the skillset and the ability to find out what might work for you and to decide what system you want to follow. Coaches can help you find your own way easier and faster. Business consultants can show you proven methods that worked for other people and businesses and they can give you advice on how to apply them for your own business. But note: there is nobody who can give you 100% guarantee that the plan, the system, the strategy, the method you decide to implement will work for you.

I hear you asking: “What should I do then? Implement and, hope it works?” No. With the right skillset you are able to make the right decisions yourself. You must do that because you are
the one
who can make that system work for your business, nobody else. Having the ability, the skills and knowledge to make the right decisions and to apply and implement the strategies which will take your business to the next level makes a huge difference.

Of course, you can outsource everything from creating your website to designing your webstore and setting up your payment options. But how would you tell someone what you expect him to do if you don’t have at least the basic skillset in place?! And, would you like to depend on third parties doing the work for you, would you like to pay for every little change,
for the smallest tweak, pay again and again for everything you need? If so, that’s ok. But be prepared to face new challenges when you’re on the look out for reliable people to work with…

Last two points for today… About consistency and distractions.

Consistency in business to get rid of some obstacles to success

To run a successful business you need to learn about consistency. You need to implement a daily routine, you need to work on your business consistently. I know how hard it can be if you have a family to take care of, one or more jobs to make a living and at the same time, you have to learn, develop new skills, apply and implement what you’ve learned.

That’s why consistency is so important. You must understand that you cannot learn everything at once without running into the next obstacles that hold you back from success. Learn what you really need for the next tasks you want to get accomplished, but learn each day, learn consistently. You must accept that you cannot implement everything you’ve learned at once – so do it consistently, step by step. And, please try to accept that sometimes you just cannot accomplish everything you would like to accomplish. Don’t put yourself even more under pressure.

Distractions – are they the biggest obstacles to success?

Did you subscribe to the gurus’ posts to learn more about their methods? Did you subscribe to some marketer’s posts to see how they do it? Did you subscribe to courses and webinars to learn more about Internet Marketing, how to create your own products, learn how to make money as an affiliate, how to get the free WordPress tutorials, how to use Social Media and Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, how to… The list is endless.

And then, there comes the day when you notice that you get about 500++ emails. You read them to keep up with everything because you’re afraid of missing out on some important information. You check all those links with masses of courses, new software, books, NLP-offers, and of course, the newest “make money fast” techniques. And you end up with buying another software, another course, another “shiny object”.

Where do I know that from? I’d been there. I had those 500++ emails per day. I went through most of them and I bought lots of shiny objects. That’s why I want to warn you. Buy only when the offer is about something you really need! Everything else will only distract you and hold you back from the work you need to do on your business. To me, distractions are the biggest obstacles to success. Let me know what you think.


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