Mindset Influences Your Success

When on the Internet for quite some time now, you may have already heard people talking about how much mindset influences  personal and business success. Or, you may have already experienced yourself how close success and failure are in business and life. So you may already know what it takes to say goodbye to all the shiny objects out there, goodbye to stress and self-imposed pressure. And you may also understand that real success consists out of the many, many small steps you accomplish each day – not in the one-time “big hit”.  At least not if you’re serious with your business…


How Mindset influences your business


Also, you may have experienced that it takes time to get there. Not only because of a long learning curve and all the pitfalls and setbacks characteristic for online businesses. It takes long because of the influence your mindset has over your thoughts and actions. And last but not least, because of the influencers around you (family members, friends, colleagues, environment, etc.).

You see, we’ve all learned that if we want to become successful we must develop the right mindset. But mindset has many definitions and even more interpretations.

Mindset influences and mindset influencers

As an entrepreneur, we’ve experienced stress, pressure and overwhelm often caused by information overload. We all know what self-doubt, fear of failure as well as fear of success feels like. And probably, there is no one among us who has not lost time and money working online. What helps us keep on doing what we do? Staying positive, changing perspective. Changing the way we look at our daily “challenges”. And changing our mindset influencers.
Not accepting others make the rules for us.

So what makes some people become successful and others not?

Optimism as a positive mindset influencer

For sure, you’ve already heard that “successful people have the right mindset“. But what does it mean to have the right mindset? And how to develop the right mindset?

Today, I’d like to share with you this video by Brian Tracy where he talks about mindset influence and how mindset can determine failure or success. Even as an experienced “online worker” you can learn a lot, but if you’re just starting out take this advice and use the power of a positive, optimistic mindset to prepare yourself for success. So… pay close attention to the following video:




So… what’s your take away? Would you agree that mindset influences your personal and business success? And would you also agree that optimistic people have better chances to become successful? Let me know what you think!



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