Go for Your Dreams

Go for your dreams” was what my first coach and mentor told me some years back when
I made my first steps in Coaching. Of course, I had my dreams. Of course, I knew what I wanted to achive in my business, and on a personal level as well. But, I had no idea that this little sentence will deliberate some hidden, some unknown power in me which will actually make me do those things necessary to go for my very own dreams, disregarding all the problems and setbacks I had to experience in my life before.

What does it mean to go for your dreams?

You see, over the time I’ve met many people online, people looking for answers in their lives
or for help with their businesses. Some of them had very precise ideas about their goals, about what they wanted to achieve, about what they expected to get from life – but not about what they really needed. So when I asked about their “dreams” and their true desires, they seemed surprised and could not really understand why I asked about them. They were uncertain about what to answer because in their mindset “dreams” had nothing to do with the real world, with goals and achievements. That’s what they’d been told for many years and that’s how they felt about it. But…

Your “dreams” are the reflection of your true needs in life. And the harder you try to “hide” them from yourself or from the ones you love, the harder it gets to break free from those things that hold you back from achieving your goals in life.

Do you remember Richard Sanderson’s song “Dreams are my reality, the only kind of real fantasy”, (…) “Dreams are my reality, a different kind of reality”? Sometimes you just have to accept your own kind of reality, the reality that reflects your true needs to move forward.

If you decide to go  for your dreams you’ll make some of the most powerful experiences in your life. And you’ll get there if you’re not afraid of following the path to change your inner Self. Here is what you must understand: changes must happen within yourself first. You cannot go for your dreams, you cannot expect changes to happen in your business or personal life if you follow the same old path, if you do the same things you did before.

Go for your dreams, improve your Self, stun the world  by SelfHelpGrowthImprovement.com

Why should you go for your dreams?

That’s a good question, isn’t it? Well, you should go for your dreams because your dreams reflect your true needs. But be careful… You see, there are influences and influencers around you which might make you believe that you want something completely different than you actually do.

What I mean by that? Well, let’s assume that you have a good job, a family to care of, you’ve never had plenty of money but, you feel good with your life. Then your best friend tells you about that awesome, one time opportunity he just jumped on, that could make you a fortune, more money than you’ve ever seen, make you  (perhaps) even famous and rich. And you listen to your best friend and decide to take on that opportunity.

The question is:

  • Was it one of your secret desires to change something in your own  life – to have more
    money, a better life, to give your family the safe and secure background they deserve –
    then go for your dreams and grab that opportunity.
  • Was it your best friend’s dream to make a shift in his life and you just follow him because
    you like, respect and trust him – or perhaps because you just don’t want to be left behind.
    Then you’d better think about it again…

Go for your dreams and stun the world

Your dreams not only reflect your true needs. They also affect the quality of your work and the quality of your life. So get ready to  deliver results. The better your results are, the more satisfied you are with what you do. The more satisfied you are, the more self-confident you are. And, with a little additional motivation and affirmation you can achieve anything you put your mind on.

You’re still here?! Go for your dreams and stun the world!


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