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There are many reasons why and many ways how people get involved with self improvement. What they have in common is that at a certain point something exceptional happened in their life, something that made them struggle and got them off track.

What happened may have destroyed their dreams and hopes, what they believed in or what they worked and lived for. It could have been the loss of loved ones, divorce, some kind of extremely stressful situation at the job, at school or at home in the family, or some other bad experience that left them in despair, full of negativity and doubts. Pessimism and skepticism took over, creating new worries and making them weak and fearing the future.  Mostly, they also have lost their self-confidence and, very often their ability to communicate with the “outside world” because what happened to them made them truly “speechless”. That’s a situation what makes it extremely difficult for family members and friends to reach out to them to give them the help and support they need so badly.

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When I think about what made me getting involved with self improvement, well… let me put it this way: it was an issue in my own family that almost destroyed my life. I was not able to believe in anyone and anything thereafter, I felt left alone, helpless, hopeless and did not know how to overcome that bad experience to go on with that “something” called life again.  What I had was my job and so I worked endless hours, always smiling, always showing a friendly face to the world. Sound familiar?

Today I know that it was a big mistake to “retire from the outside world”, to stay alone waiting and hoping for things to change. At some point I noticed that nothing would change unless I changed it. That was many years later, years I should have spent on improving my own self  but, at that time I didn’t know anything about that kind of  “stuff”.

The real change occured when I joined the new coaching course with Coaching Cognition that definitely helped to improve my skills and abilities and led to a series of transformation in my life. Yes, we were the first peers and became the first certified coaches with Coaching Cognition, yay! Our group is still together, we still have our regular meetings and webinars and meanwhile even a new platform for coaches, for our clients and for those who want to become coaches in the future.

Ooops… back on track again. Hope you don’t mind, but I really love what I do. But, let’s talk again about why to get involved with self improvement.

Recently, I read an article written by Mahindra Raj about self improvement where he said this:

“I know of no one and neither have I heard of anyone that has achieved great successes or done amazing things in life without first going through some massive struggle and challenge in their life.”

I cannot agree more.

He also talks about how reading self improvement articles and self improvement books can help to get a new self simply because people can identify with what they read. The authors write about their own experiences, their own struggles and how they’ve found a way out of them. And, being in the same or in a similar situation, that’s what people are actually looking for.

You know what? I think I’ll curate and share the complete article with you in my next post, ok? Stay tuned!


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