Does self confidence control your life?

If you’ve ever asked yourself why some people get almost everything they want in life, you’re
in the right place to read about the reason #1: self-confidence and to learn about how does self confidence control your life. And, by the way, self confidence impacts on anyone else’s life as well.

You see, people with a healthy self-confidence stand out from the crowd, they develop the best relationships, get the best jobs, the best deals and, almost effortlessly, they seem to get things done other people have to work hard for. They are confident that everything will work out and they really appreciate a “good life”.

On the other hand, there are people who work truly hard, do everything they can for their families, take every effort to succeed in business and if there is someone in need of their help, they’re always there, ready to act. You might say now, that’s awesome, they should have a happy family life, lots of friends and a fulfilling  job or a well running business. Mostly, that’s not the case.

Where do I know that from? I’d been there for a long period of time, before Coaching came into my life. The  journey I went on helped me re-gain my self confidence and finally, to get where
I am today, able to answer your questions about how does self confidence control your life. So…

Does self confidence control YOUR life?

To learn about your own level of self confidence, here are some questions you should find answers to:

1.  Do you KNOW yourself, do you know your Self?

1.1.  Do you know about your strengths and weaknesses?
1.2.  How do you usually handle them?
1.2.1. Do you concentrate more on your strengths?
1.2.2. Do you concentrate more on your weaknesses?

2. What do you think about and how do you see yourself?

2.1. Do you appreciate yourself?
2.2. Do you reward yourself?
2.3. Do you like your Self?
2.4. Do you love your Self?

3. How do other people see you or think about you?

3.1. Does it make a difference to you how they see you or think about you,
whether they like you or not?
3.2. How much does that influence you, does it even control you?
3.2.1. How much does it impact on your behaviour, your attitude?
3.2.2. How much does it influence what you do, your job, your business?
3.2.3. How much does it impact on your personal life, your relationships?


Does self confidence control your life. Self Help Growth Improvement

4. How do you communicate to other people?

4.1. Do you feel comfortable when talking to people you meet for the very first time?
4.2. Does it make a difference whether you talk to a stranger or to a friend?
4.3. When you talk to people, do you look straight into their eyes or do you try to avoid the direct eye-contact?

Of course, there are many more questions but, for this post let’s stay with those above. If you’re a self confident person, you shouldn’t have any problems to answer these questions, because…

You know yourself and you believe in yourself. You know about life’s goods and bads as well but, you don’t spend too much time on your own weaknesses or on thinking about what went wrong and why. You concentrate on the positive aspects in your life more than on the failures and you don’t care very much about what other people think or say about you. And, you can easily talk to anyone, even to those who you’ve met for the very first time.

When it comes to job or business, you pursue your ideas and you are confident that a situation will work out. And yes, you are able to appreciate other people’s work without being jealous on their success. You just don’t need to be jealous – you know how good you are!

Now we talked a lot about how does self confidence control your life. But, there are some more tips to consider:

  1. Beware of and avoid the company of those people around you who’s aim is to put you down.
  2. Learn to deal with losses. Accept them as part of your life instead of seeing them as being your “fault”.
  3. Concentrate on your successes and always remind yourself of them when going through hard times.
  4. Make friends with people who believe in you and make you feel better about yourself.
  5. Never let anyone discourage you.
  6. Never let failures determine your decisions.
  7. Go for your dreams and goals, no matter what other people think or say about you.


Remember this: a healthy self confidence can become your “secret weapon” in business and in life. With that in mind, you can raise your actual level of self confidence and face no matter what obstacles are coming your way. And, there won’t be any need to think about how does self confidence control your life.


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