Changing the Things We Can Change

I feel bad. Really bad. Why? Because I posted my last article about 3 weeks ago. And I’m really sorry about that. But that’s why the idea came up to write today about changing the things we can change.

I’ve been working on some other sites quite a lot during the last weeks and unfortunately, I had to postpone the article writing for this site. You see, there are things we can change and those which we cannot change. One of the things we can and must change is for example the time we spend with our loved ones. The change must be made to give them the space they really deserve in our life, the undivided attention and care. One of the things we cannot change though is the limited amount of time we have at our disposal to spend working on our business.

A few hours ago, I found a great quote which I’d like to share with you here:

Changing the Things We Can Change by

(Special thanks to the author – unfortunately, the signature is not readable.)

Why to accept what we cannot change?

Learning to accept the things we cannot change is a very important learning experience. Accepting them does not mean to give up. Accepting them means only that we stop fighting against windmills by learning to make a difference between what is really important to us and what is not. Running after things we cannot change only takes time and energy away from more important tasks and holds us back from changing the things we can change.

Why we need to change the things we can change?

You see, life has plenty of surprises for us. Some are good ones, some are bad ones. We must learn to take the good ones and use them to our benefit. But we must also take the bad ones – and if we cannot change them we must, at least, accept them and learn from them.

One of the things we cannot change is, as mentioned above, the time we can use to work on our business. Each one of us has only 24 hours a day, 24 hours which must be divided in small parts to find time to get all the things completed we have to get done that day. Doing that right, we get done a lot, every day. Doing that the wrong way, we get easily overwhelmed and frustrated because of the workload and all the small tasks we have to do additionally to our business.

Most of us have a family we want to spend more time with. Some of us have elder parents to take care of. Some others may have close friends who need help. What we all have in common is the need to earn money, what we run our own businesses for. And of course, the 24 hours per day to keep everything going . That’s much more than a fulltime job, won’t you agree?

Let’s make a short summary about…

What we need to do to change the things we can change?

#1: First of all, believe it or not, we need a plan. Without a plan we just go on doing “something” but doing something does not mean we do the right things to make our businesses work for us. Taking the time to work out a plan helps us keep focused on the tasks we have to get done. It also helps to keep all the tasks under control and more importantly, the ability to control the time we spend on each one of them.

#2: We need a proven to work strategy that helps us run our businesses efficiently. Without the “big picture” (our plan) and a strategy that works for the specific businesses, we’re planned to fail. That’s also one of the main reasons why so many people give up their online activities.

#3: We need time to separate those things we cannot accept and therefore, want to change, from the ones which we cannot change and simply must accept. This can become a big challenge because most people give every thing the same high importance and relevancy. Once this done, we need…

#4: Set the right priorities. When we give each task a priority and we stick with it, we don’t need to interrupt the workflow to check back and see whether we’ve missed out on something. That’s how to avoid spending time and efforts in vain. And last but not least…

#5: Put ourself to work. Without hassle, without arguing, without bad feelings like doubts or fears. And start exactly with changing the things we can change, accomplishing one task after the other.

When it comes to changing the things we can change versus accepting those we cannot change, we need to talk about another big issue these days: distraction. That’s what we’ll do in one of the next articles, okay? Stay tuned.


PS. I’ve just found this version of the “Serenity Prayer” on Wikipedia – you’ve already heard about it, for sure:

” God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can,
and wisdom to know the difference.”

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  1. very nice article.Very good lesson which every one must teach in their life and must follow this in their life.Thanx for this meaningful article.

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