7 Great Tips on Personal Development

Let’s talk a bit more about personal development. You see, personal development is a highly intimate process. Why? Because everybody is different, everybody “ticks” and works differently. That means your personal development goals and plans must be customized to suit your personality and needs – and this process requires extensive work. To make the process more comprehensive, we’ve put together the 7 great tips on personal development.


7 Great Tips on Personal Development by selfhelpgrowthimprovement.com

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7 Great Tips on Personal Development

Tip #1: About Your Health
One of the most important tips on personal development: be healthy and stay healthy. Your physical and mental health is the best basis to move forward and succeed with your personal development. This means you need to eat properly and exercise on a regular basis. And this may sound easier than it is to accomplish…

Tip # 2: The Letter to Yourself
This tip is so simple that you probably won’t believe it works. But it’s a proven “remedy” when you’re facing hard times. Take out a clean piece of paper and write a letter to yourself. Think about the past challenges and how you have worked to overcome them. Think back… how proud you were of yourself. What holds you back from getting back that feeling again? You’ll see, once the letter is finished and you read it, you’ll feel that pride again. Keep that in mind for every new challenge that you have to overcome.

Tip # 3: Allow Yourself to Grow and Develop
Allow yourself to grow and develop. Don’t lose confidence and don’t feel bad if you don’t master something right away. We’re all human and we’re always learning. You’ll get where you want to be. That leads us to # 4 of the 7 great tips on personal development…

Tip # 4: Take Time for your Self
This tip is about making time for yourself in your daily schedule. We’re all used to work for others – for our loved ones, our neighbours, our friends, the business, charity… Well, mostly this is necessary and in some cases even noble. But in order to see success in your personal development, you must set aside some personal time, time for your Self. None of the tips on personal development can help if you don’t give yourself the time you need for your Self.

Tip # 5: Resposibility for Your Personal Happiness
We all have a personal responsibility to protect our Self. So what does this mean? There are so many circumstances we cannot avoid or cannot change in our day to day life. What we must protect though and what we are responsible for to protect is our personal happiness.

Tip # 6:  Make Gradual Changes
Most people who want to change are tempted to jump into a “new way of life” and mostly, they end up falling back into their old ways. Take your time and make changes gradually. You must understand that personal development is a process. Even if you have the best intention and apply all our tips on personal development – changes will not happen fast.

Tip # 7: Take Time for Important Decisions
Take time when making important decisions, do not put yourself under pressure. Also, do not constantly choose easier options. You will cut down on and even better, avoid  mistakes if you take this approach. Think about that.


Now let’s watch here and listen to Brian Tracy talking about personal development and attracting success:


From the YouTube video:

“Brian Tracy talking about faith, setting goals, how to get rich, increasing your probability in becoming healthy, wealthy, successful.”


You see, personal development involves so many things. You’ll find that you may need to change more than one aspect of your life to better your chances of getting where you want to be, your chances of achieving your personal goals. Take these 7 great tips on personal development and give yourself the time you need to evaluate your situation. You might end up being totally surprised by what you discover and by what you can achieve if you move forward step by step.


Let’s close this article with a statement by Steve Pavlina:

“If you actually want results, make a 5-year commitment to a particular path, like building an online business, developing your social skills, becoming a world traveler, etc. A lesser commitment is largely pointless.”
(Read the article here.)


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