3 Simple Self-Help Tips Around Christmas Time

3 Simple Self-Help Tips Around Christmas Time

As we’re approaching Christmas time many of us get more and more distracted, nervous and stressed. Somehow same procedure as last year, same procedure as every year, isn’t it? Before writing this article about the 3 simple self-help tips around Christmas time I’ve asked my subscribers why do they feel more distracted and nervous, why do they feel overwhelmed and more stressed, right before Christmas.

And they gave me these 3 main reasons:

1. All the work they have to accomplish before Christmas, be it at work, be it at home, makes them feel stressed. It looks like anything is heavily concentrating toward the end of year…

2. Many of them don’t have a properly structured plan to get everything done. That makes them nervous and creates additional overwhelm and stress.

3. They cannot focus on one important task because of the many other to-dos on their plate. That makes them easily feel distracted.

And that made me come up with these

3 simple self-help tips around Christmas time:

1. Define and prioritize your tasks – make a list

– at work
Knowing about the workload you have to master helps you avoid stress and overwhelm at work. Having a list with prioritized tasks helps avoid struggles and time-consuming check-backs.
– at home
All the things you want to do for your family and friends like shopping, Christmas tree, cooking, baking, house cleaning, etc. etc. won’t cause you the usual stress if you have a properly defined personal to-do list. Make sure that you save enough time for each one of your tasks.

2. Structure your time

What do I mean with that? The time you spend at work and the time you’re at home. At work you don’t do anything else and you don’t bother about anything else, but your job. Once at home, you accomplish all the tasks you’ve put on your “family and friends” priority list – but nothing related to your job, ok? Less stress guaranteed.

3. Avoid multitasking when ever possible

I said when ever possible. Women tend to multitasking, they can do 2 and more things at the same time… But in order to focus on your tasks and to get better results, you’d better start with one task and get it done. That’s a sure way to get done everything on your plate. No stress, no overwhelm, no distraction, no frustration.


Do you think you can do this? Just give these 3 simple self-help tips around Christmas time a try. But that also might be the beginning of a much bigger plan you will want to create… your own life plan.



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6 Responses to 3 Simple Self-Help Tips Around Christmas Time

  1. Male Testosterone Supplements says:

    Totally agree. Even through X-mas time is suppose to be enjoyable with family and friends, it’s often more stressful than the rest of the year. Knowing how to control the stress goes a long way. I totally agree with multitasking. It’s pointless.

    Let’s see…let’s do 5 things very sub-par. It’s what corporate America is all about. Instead of trying to do 100 things at once, truly focus on one and ONLY ONE task. It’ll be much more successful.

  2. Hypnotherapy says:

    Christmas time is very busy time.we have to do so many preparations.You suggest good tips which are so helpful.

  3. Josh says:

    Ah, yes prioritization is key. Whenever I find myself stressed and overwhelmed it is usually because I have got all of my priorities mixed up.

  4. King Daniel says:

    Hey Marqie,
    Totally agree with you.
    My favourite point among these is that avoid “multitasking”. Not only during Christmas but while everyday cleaning also multitasking always creates a mess…
    Really valuable tips.

  5. Carl says:

    This will be my second Christmas without my good friend and my first Christmas without a very special family member whom I loved (and still care about) very, very deeply. Thank you for the advice, it’s not long until Christmas now so I’m hoping these tips will come in useful soon.

    • Margie says:

      Hi Carl,
      so sorry to hear that. Yes, we’re moving towards Christmas again, for many people, the most wonderful time of the year.
      Unfortunately, life makes it’s own rules and there’s nothing we can do about that.
      No, I won’t say here that everything happens for a reason, and we just cannot understand…
      Simply put, it hurts and we feel helpless, left alone and sometimes even angry.
      Everyone who lost friends and loved ones goes through that experience.
      Give yourself the time you need.
      Time does not heal but, over time, you learn to live with that experience.
      Then, when you’re ready for it, close that door behind you.
      And, watch another door open up even though it may seem impossible right now.
      All the best to you,
      Margie recently posted…Self-help AddictionMy Profile

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